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Corrections, PS file

Corrections, PDF file

Manuscript, PDF file, 1.1 Mb

Postprint from UC eScholarship Repository.

McCann et al. (1979) -- MNSK zones map, PDF file 3Mb;

McCann et al. (1979) -- MNSK zones (coordinates), digitized by us;

Nishenko (1991) map, 60 Kb;

Another copy of Nishenko (1991) map, 960 Kb;

Nishenko (1989) zones (coordinates), digitized by us;


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Power-point presentations for Lake Arrowhead WGCEP meeting, March 5-8, 2007, 4.6Mb, see part (4).

Nature magazine debate on earthquake prediction, February-April 1999 (You or your institution may need to have access to Nature Web site); especially see Christopher Scholz contributions (2nd and 6th weeks) discussing the results of gap hypotheses tests

Christopher Scholz 6th week contribution discussing the results of gap hypotheses tests

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A copy of the previous file (Freedman and Stark, 2003).